Music Ministry

The Scriptures are filled with instruction to sing praise to God, and Jesus sang hymns with his disciples. Longview includes the singing of hymns, gospel, praise and worship songs at nearly every gathering. There is a rich tradition of of Spirit filled and uplifting music each week at Longvew spearheaded by multiple choirs. The Lord has blessed our choirs to win awards as well as record three CDs. We strive to give God our best praise even in our music. We welcome you to become a part of it.

Sanctuary Choir

This choir provides traditional and contemporary gospel music on the first and fourth Sabbaths. They rehearse on Friday night at 7:00 p.m. The Sanctuary is well known for their heartfelt singing and musical excellence that has blessed people for years. Their directors are Claude Jones and Clint Mason. All singers are welcomed to participate.  Watch a video.

Chancel Choir




The Chancel Choir features adult singers that offer hymns, spirituals and anthems on the second Sabbath of the month. At Longview we try to provide a wide variety of music that will glorify God as well as reach all people.  This choir rehearses after church on Sabbaths and on Friday night when needed. The Chancel Choir is directed by Claude Jones. Justin Sherman is the pianist. If you enjoy choral music, come and join us.   Watch a video

Children's Choir

All children ages 4 to 12 are welcomed to join this energetic and passionate singing choir. They sing through out the year and have their annual concert on the first Sabbath in December. The Children's Choir is directed by Audra Owens.   Watch a video

Longview Orchestra

At Longview not only do we praise God with our voices but with the sound of instruments as well. The Longview Orchestra renders beautiful music with their gifts and accompany the Chancel Choir for their annual concert. They rehearse on Friday nights as needed.. If you want to participate, bring your instrument and come on. Their conductor is Zachary Boyd.     Watch a video

Praise Team

This group of rotating anointed singers leads the congregation in hymns, praise and worship songs that set the atmosphere for experiencing God’s presence and love.     Watch a video


Male Chorus

This group of all male singers provide primarily traditional southern gospel music.  All men with the gift of vocal singing are encouraged to participate. They practice after church service as needed. Their director is Michael Cleveland.        Watch a video

Youth Choir

This youth choir provides contemporary gospel vocal praise and worship and is directed by Kylan Owens. They sing on Youth Sabbath which is the third Sabbath in the month. All youth who love to sing are encouraged to participate.     Watch a video